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After striking down with great vengeance and furious anger to those who would attempt to pinch his script and plaster it all over the internet, Quentin Tarantino has had a quiet word with himself, counted to ten and confirmed to the masses that he is going to go ahead with his plans for The Hateful Eight after all. Hurrah and huzzah!

The confirmation came at that fountain of filmic revelation, Comic-Con (hey they showed a Mad Max trailer there too) where QT was called out by a fan who bravely raised his hand and asked if The Hateful Eight was a ever going to make it to the screen. His response according to Collider was, “Yeah — We’re going to be doing The Hateful Eight.” At this point Tarantino fans let out a unified ‘phew’ and got back into excited-mode.

This final status follows on of course, from a lengthy bit of bother the director had when a few of his pages from the Civil War-set western popped on the interweb and Gawker posted a story about it. Rather miffed at his project getting read by squillions of readers, Tarantino filed a lawsuit against the site that was dismissed, then refiled only to be withdrawn in the end. Now everything is back on track, the only question is whether it will be able to top his impressive and double-Oscar winning western that was Django Unchained. Hopes are understandably high.

As for the script, we recommend that Mr. Tarantino keep his prized possessions protected like every other good standing citizen and have it surrounded by laser grids, attack dogs and an army of ninjas. You really have to be careful in this day and age.


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