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Besides interstellar this movie was the one i was most excited for, this year.It had a trailer the made me shiver and a prequel that I truly loved. Honestly I expected a 10 out 0f 10, but i got a strong 7.5/8. For me it could of been one of the greatest movies i have seen, but unfortunately it came up short, and this is why.

Before i get into it, pleasseeee if you haven't got the chance to see it, dont read this as i will only destroy your view on the film. Its a fantastic film, so its money well spent if you go and see it. I'm going to keep this short and snappy so i can get straight to the point, i am presuming you understand the story already.

Ill start with the setting of the film. As in the first, the second is set in the city of San Francisco. Yes what a wonderful place but yet you see very little of it. Besides a bridge, a tiny compound and a forest that you see about a acre of it, you tend to ask yourself, is this it?, is planet earth such a small and trapped place? Like i understand they spent alot on (cgi) but comon like the movie is called planet of the apes, not the garden of the apes.

The second problem that i picked up on was the fact the apes claimed they didn't know that humans were still alive. In all fairness their compound full of lights was only down the road. Like if they looked in that direction or even went for a stroll they could of easily found that out. During the film we find out the humans are low on power and so need to restore it by using the dam. When they achieve this Ceasar watches as the lights down the road shine bright but hollddddd uppp......Did anybody notice the fact that the humans had lights on in the compound prior to this. Sooo why was Ceasar so surprised to see more and how the hell did he not realise that humans must be alive since they had lights on all along, ugghhhh.

The most annoying thing for me had to be the characters on the human side. Gary Oldman who i consider i great actor had a boring character who seemed to really do nothing and who probably died (not exactly sure) at the end of the film.As for Jason Clarke he was granndddd..... Like he didn't blow me away, but i'm not going to complain about him. His character was weak though and if he was shot at the end i probably wouldn't of blinked, same goes for his son. Matt reeves (director) really failed with the humans on this one.

As for the positives it was a v.good watch with a great story behind it. As usual Andy Serkis (ceasar) done a brilliant job and the action throughout the film was very exciting to watch. The apes looked absolutely outstanding, Some of the best cgi iv'e seen. I also have to put my hat off to Toby Kobell (koba), who done a wonderful job of playing a ruthless villain.

Overall it was really enjoyable but i wanted to show that it was far from perfect. Please feel free to leave your opinions on this one. I will be excited to hear them.


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