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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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'Lesbian Vampire Killer' is a headline that newspapers must have loved, but the real life case of 'Lesbian Vampire Killer' Tracey Wigginton is more complex and terrifying than any lurid press reports.

Tracey Wigginton had a terrible start in life.

Her grandparents - who were fascinated with the occult - sexually and physically abused her. Any escape her prestigious convent school could have provided was blown when she was expelled for 'molesting other girls'.


Still, her troubled background was no explanation for her crime.

On 21 October, 1989, Wigginton, her lover Lisa Ptaschinski, and friends Kim Jervis and Tracey Waugh went for a drive in Brisbane, Australia. Wigginton told her friends that she wanted to kill a person and drink their blood.


Wigginton found Edward Baldock, 47, and lured him to a river.

Tracey Wigginton had a reputation for Vampirism, and later claimed at her trial that she drank animal blood to survive. She said to Jervis before the attack, 'I want to scare you, to frighten ... the living hell out of you.'


She stabbed Baldock 27 times with a hunting knife.

Her attack was so vicious, his spinal cord was severed and the body was left almost totally decapitated. Shockingly, Wigginton said she 'felt nothing', and sat down to smoke a cigarette while her victim died.


Wigginton then allegedly dug her teeth into his neck and drank his blood.

Wigginton's friend Tracey Waugh told police that she could 'smell blood' on Wigginton's breath when she got back into the car.


Her words, describing her crime, are incredibly chilling.


During her trial, Wigginton had a psychiatric evaluation.

She was found to have Disassociative Identity Disorder, with several distinct split personalities; Bobby, The Observer, Avril, Little Tracey and Big Tracey. Despite her obvious mental illness, Tracey's was prosecuted and sent to prison.


Wigginton was released in 2012 after serving 22 years.

Tracey - nicknamed 'Fang' in prison - has spoken many times of her remorse for her crimes, describing her past self as 'an animal' - but has the famous 'Lesbian Vampire Killer' changed?

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