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This weekend was Comic Con and we heard and saw major images and videos about movies we've been waiting for for a long period of time. This poster was one of those images. If you look at it quickly you'll only see our main heroes and them fending off against many Ultron bots. We can take a couple things from that. Number one, Ultron will have an army of robots, which we expected. Number two, the art of this poster shows "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" being overwhelmed, this poster pictures a struggle. This brings us to the point that it will take them a lot more sacrifice to save their world. Which is how marvel will step up their game, with a bigger enemy.

Although it may be easy to glance over this poster, we should look a lot closer. We can easily see, Tony, Cap, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk. If you look slightly closer you can see that Black Widow has her new ability (new for the MCU), her gauntlets. She can now perform the "Widow's Bite". We can also see them in new suits, such as Captain America and Thor. If you look back behind Quicksilver's trail you can clearly see the Vision. He is surrounded by a green powdery gas too. We've know about all of this and it is seen quite clearly too.

If you want to look closer, look behind Black Widow and Thor. You can notice that it is snowing, like the scene depicted in the trailer. Do you see how there is a random bot being thrown into the air, not near any of our clearly seen heroes. Their is also a purplish powdery gas kindof like the one near Ultron. Their have been rumors recently of Ms. Marvel. Who do you think it is?

Many believe it is Quicksilver. It is not. Quicksilver would move in a zig-zag, avoiding the bots and also killing as many as possible. Quicksilver leaves a blue trail, not at all purple. Most of all, the trail ends on the left side of the Black Widow poster, therefore he could not be in his poster, assuming they take place at the exact same time.

Joss Whedon has confirmed there will be four major female roles, we only know of three. Those three are Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Maria Hill. Who is the fourth? And is it them in the poster?


Who is our mystery figure?


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