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Trailers for the films of the 60s and 70s really tickle my fancy. They're meant to be shocking, action packed and give away almost nothing of the real point of the film, which is brilliant. Disjointed images taken from various points of the film confuse, entice, and make an audience curious about what they're about to see.

Like the trailer for The Exorcist...that's the good stuff.

Modern trailers trying to be retro, however? Well, in the case of I Live In Fear, they're still modern trailers that are trying a little too hard.

The story (unaltered from IMDb) - In the snowy Utah mountains, an ancient being terrorizes four friends as they try to survive.

Here comes the...what?
Here comes the...what?

What you see in the trailer: Friends travel by car (a similar car ride to Evil Dead actually - zzzz) to a remote cabin, in the snowy woods, where they are attacked by a group of people with chainsaws and painters suits, and there's presumably a home invasion/harassment by unseen forces that goes with it.

Trying to sound a LOT like Evil Dead, Live in Fear looks like a good idea gone wrong, but still boldly boasts to be “the most disturbing film you’ll see in your lifetime.” All sneering doubt aside, I still think that's a tall order.

Starring a cast of relative unknowns, and one of the Furies from the first Percy Jackson film, Live in Fear has a September 24th release date.

Personally I'll be skipping this one - but what do YOU think of the trailer?

(Source: Director's YouTube)


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