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I'm just gonna launch straight into this with no filler. Here's my fancast for the television version of the Justice League/Justice Society/Super Friends/whatever the hell you wanna call them. Take it or leave it, but please, no snide, assholeish, hateful comments

1.) Green Arrow- Stephen Amell (obvious)

2.) The Flash- Grant Gustin (obvious)

3.) Arsenal- Colton Haynes (obvious)

4.) Firestorm- Robbie Amell (obvious)

5.) Black Canary- Katie Cassidy

6.) John Constantine- that guy from the NBC show

7.) Doctor Fate- Jared Padalecki

8.) Nightwing- Steven McQueen

9.) Batman- Ian Somerhalder

10.) (Villian/Hero) Red Hood- Jensen Ackles

11.) Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)- David Ramsey (John Diggle in Arrow)

12.) Cyborg- Walter Emanuel Jones (the original Black Power Ranger)

13.) Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)- Scott Bakula

Now, I feel as though I owe you guys an explanation for number 11. My theory for casting Dig as Jon Stewart is that you can have a subplot during the third season where Diggle goes through a trial of his own, finding out that his parents adopted him as an infant from a family by the name of Stewart. This, coupled with his close friendship with Oliver, leads to the "power couple" so to speak, of Green Arrow and Green Lantern, and also allows for diversity among the superhero roles in the television universe, because when I look at that list, I see a whole lot of white and not enough of anything else.

Let me know what you think, but as I said, please, no rude, snide, or hateful comments.


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