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Arrow will be entering its third season this year, and will look for ways to top the amazing second season we had. We already know the big bad for Season 3, none other than Ra's Al Ghul. Looks like our favourite Green Archer may need some help. With Hawkman already making a very mixed received appearance on Smallville. We will look at an actor to portray our winged hero, a backstory, and his introduction into the show.


  Josh Holloway
Josh Holloway

Star of the hit series Lost, Josh Holloway has been linked to a number of DC characters. He was rumoured to play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, but it seems the role may have gone to Jason Momoa. Holloway was even rumoured to play the emerald archer himself at a point. He's a good actor, he has the gruff look and even has the deep voice you can imagine Hawkman would have.

Another notable candidate I believe could make a great Hawkman is Karl Urban.

For Hawkman's costume of course we don't want something to campy, we need something that can fit in with the show and make him look like a brutal warrior. I went with the new 52 look, Arrow producers can always apply colour changes and modifications if they feel the need to.

  New 52 Hawkman
New 52 Hawkman


In the comics Hawkman is an intergalactic Police Officer... You Arrow fans should know that they try to keep the show as grounded as possible, even with The Flash existing int the same universe. So I don't think his comic origin would work on Arrow. Instead I believe Hawkman could be a part of a small tribe on a remote unknown island they call Thanagar. This tribe has existed for thousands of years and they possess advanced technology and Nth metal which negates gravity, that they hide from the world in fear that mankind would destroy itself if they got control of it. Katar Hol tired of his civilization hiding and dying to know what the real world is like, is given permission from his father to leave the island and study the outside world. Katar leaves the island with some gold ( Money Purposes) , Nth metal Wings, and an ancient warrior outfit and mace and leaves.

Yes it does sound similar to Wonder Woman's origin with her desire to go out into mans world. But there's no way Arrow was going to go into the whole extraterrestrial theme.

Introduction Into Arrow

An episode of Arrow can start off with a burglar robbing banks and the Starling City museum. (Btw Starling City may get a name change to Star City in season 3 thanks the Ray Palmer/The Atom) Team Arrow find out the burglar goes by the name Coin because he uses gadget like coins to aid him in his burglaries. (The Coin is one of Hawkman's foe in the comics.)

The next time Coin robs a museum Arrow and Arsenal drop in to catch but not long after they bust in Hawkman breaks in from the top of the museum and immediately thinks the three are working together. He knocks Coin to the floor and charges after the two heroes, they block and evade Hawkman's wild attacks and to their surprise Hawkman dodges their arrow and deflects them multiple times. Hawkman gets a good left handed punch on arsenal in the face ( Slow motion and all) and Arrow shoots a smoke screen arrow to blind Hawkman temporarily and grab Arsenal and retreat. The Coin managed to slip away from all the commotion. And Hawkman flies off.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver and Roy fill in Diggle and Felicity about what happened. Felicity then mentions old myths about the Thanagarians and Nth Metal etc.

Hawkman flies to an abandoned building in the glades and hops on the internet to research about Arrow and finds out that arrow is a good guy and you can see on Katar physically that he knows he made a mistake.

*Insert arrow goodness, Laurel having problems, Thea with Malcolm Merlyn Diggle and Felicity screen time etc.*

Coin attempts to rob a bank this time and Hawkman gets there first. Coin throws some explosive coins at Hawkman and one catches him knocking him into a wall. Hawkman manages to knock out Coin leaving him for the cops inbound. While flying out the building he's shot by an arrow and it entangles around him and ties his wings, and he plunges on top of a rooftop unable to move. Arrow and Arsenal arrive seconds later and knock him unconscious, and bring him to the Arrow Cave. Their they question him and Hawkman sensing their heroism tells them who he is and why he's there. He apologizes and him and Arrow make a mutual friendship. Knowing that Starling City is in good hand, Katar leaves looking to protect a new city.

*Roll Credits!

Here's some cool pictures or Hawkman and Green Arrow interacting.


  Green Arrow and Hawkman were on the same team (JLA)
Green Arrow and Hawkman were on the same team (JLA)


Can Hawkman hit our TV sets in Arrow?


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