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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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So the first time I watched this, I didn't like it. I didn't like having shorts instead of one story. I also wasn't a fan of the animations. However, time has passed & thought I would give it a 2nd chance.

So it's a collection of shorts that could be a part of a full story but not really. It seems to take place in the world created by Nolan. Most of the animations seem to be anime like but I still don't like then over all. Some I dislike a lot. Stories are alright. Nothing really stands out to me.

Have I Got A Story For You by Josh Olson

I really disliked the animated style for this one & I didn't like the story at all. Easily the weakest short. It reminds me of Legends of the Dark Night from The New Batman Adventures. That episode was more interesting than this short or film. Some kids tell their version of Batman from when they seen him that day & they all see him by the time they all finish.

Crossfire by Greg Rucka

One of the strong stories that could make for a great episode of a series. Two cops on Major Crimes Unite. One doesn't trust Batman. The other has seen what he has brought to the city.

Field Test by Jordan Goldberg

Another interesting one here, because you see what type of hero Batman is. He gets a new device that uses an advance sound sonar to deflect small-fire arms. It works however a bullet that was deflected hits an modster injuring him. This lead Batman returning it saying, " works too well: I'm willing to put my life on the line to do what I have to. But it has to be mine, no one else's."

In Darkness Dwells by David S. Goyer

This one should have been better than it was. You get Scarecrow & Killer Croc! But...Croc looks unfamiliar to say the least. That messy blob of color could of been Clayface for all I know. Scarecrow looked pretty darn good but didn't enough screen time. My favorite part of it all was the relationship between Bats & Gordon. I always love seeing & hearing their interactions with each other. My favorite was in the end, when Gordon offered to give Batman a lift in the helicopter. Batman looks at him, seemingly thinking about it, but replies "Maybe next time".

Working Through Pain by Brian Azzarello

Not exciting but Interesting to see Bruce gaining some of his knowledge that makes him The Batman. Also see how damage he is from his parent's death.

Deadshot by Alan Burnet

If the title wasn't clear enough, Deadshot is introduced in this short. Deals with the death of Bruce's parents. Not a bad story but lacks time.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this better on second viewing. Still didn't like the animations too much. The shorts could have been better if they had more time to play out. Kevin Conroy voices Batman so you have that. If it was anyone else, I don't know if I would enjoy this collection with anyone else. I wouldn't suggest this but I wouldn't say don't watch it. I don't think this style of storytelling suits me but others may like it.

Best Part: Kevin Conroy!

Worse Part: Stories don't get enough time.



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