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The fictionalized television version of Charles Manson's infamous family just got a little bit bigger. Actress Tara Lynne Bar (6 Miranda Drive) will play Katie in Aquarius, NBC's upcoming drama about the hunt for Charles Manson and his acolytes starring David Duchovny. The character of Katie is based on Patricia Krenwinkle, one of Manson's real-life followers. Duchovny is slated to play an undercover cop trying to bring down Charles Manson from within his notorious family.

One big happy, mass-murdering family.
One big happy, mass-murdering family.

Barr has previously played bit parts on Nickelodeon and Disney shows, so along with her role in 6 Miranda Drive, her recurring part on Aquarius will be her first real foray into the big leagues. Not much else is known about Aquarius at this point, but chances are the 13-episode serious will see a spring start, since it is still filming and we aren't seeing summer plugs for it yet. The real question is: will this true crime series be Hannibal-esque, or a standard NBC procedural?

Aquarius will also star Games of Thrones's Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon) as Charles Manson.

Will you be watching Aquarius? What do you think of TV series' based on true crimes? Let me know in the comments section!


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