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With the San Diego Comic-Con in full swing (July 24-27), a myriad of variants, unique promotional artwork, and other such goodies dot the rich nerdscape of the Con. Marvel’s [Ant-Man](movie:9048) is no exception to this rule, and has received its very own limited 2014 San Diego Comic-Con poster (featured above) that harkens back to the older, more-classic styled film posters— Depicting Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas’ characters as well as the previously showcased costume which apparently includes a flying ant!

What more could an Ant-Man fan ask for!?

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man is expected to release July 17, 2015, and stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as the titular characters, in a mentor-protege relationship. Paul Rudd will be playing the more modern Ant-Man, Scott Lang, while Douglas will portray the brilliant scientist, Hank Pym. This is a direct homage to the character’s alter egos found within the pages of the classic Marvel comic magazines, and is expected to further the Marvel Cinematic Universe by presenting a film of a beloved Avenger that is little known to most movie-goers.

Ant-Man had some troubles in recent due to the separation of director Edgar Wright from the film. However, Peyton Reed has since took the mantle and Edgar Wright is still credited as a co-screenwriter along with Joe Cornish and Adam McKay. It looks as-if the Ant-Man project is now back on the rails and set to meet its release date.

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