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Cinemablend just recently released an article on an upcoming new horror series called [Outcast](movie:678618), written by Robert Kirkman (also the executive producer for the show!) and with artist Paul Azaceta (most notable known for [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497)), but also former HBO exec Sue Naegle and Sharon Tal Yguado will be along side Kirkman in producing this new show. And while the comic series was just released not even a month ago, but Cinemax got involved, LAST NOVEMBER! This tells us how important of a series this will be to watch for on television.

At the center of Outcast is Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by demonic possession for his entire life. With the help of a reverend, Kyle steps into adulthood seeking the answers behind his problem, uncovering secrets that may have extremely dire effects on the entire planet. (Of course.) Kirkman has already shown his skill for humanizing the tired zombie sub-genre, and he’s initially done the exact same thing with the overused trend of possession horror. He even makes light of that in his Twitter announcement.

Now this may not be [The Walking Dead](series:201193), but it is certainly going to be worthy to keep an eye on if you do enjoy his work in comics or what he does to help out on the television show. It will have a zombie element to it and probably some other gruesome tones running throughout the series from the looks of the photo below.


Would you be interested in watching this new show from Kirkman?


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