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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Warning: Do NOT take this article seriously... I'm just letting my imagination run wild.

1.) King Kong vs Godzilla

I understand King Kong died in the original film, but bare with me! Legendary Pictures already owns both properties and both films are planning on having their own sequels (or prequel to King Kong). I think the real question is... How will King Kong fight Godzilla if he's dead? My solution for this problem would be to introduce the classic "Son of Kong" idea! I wouldn't use the same plot from the terrible 1933 sequel, but there can be a story somewhere that there are more apes on Skull Island or a young silverback (Son of Kong).

This new King Kong would be much larger, stronger and faster than the pervious Kong's. Just enough to stand toe-to-toe with 2014's Gojira! I wouldn't stress over the time difference between both movies since King Kong was based in the 1930's and the new Godzilla was in 2014. For all we know the giant apes could age very slowly and still be in their prime even in their 80's. If Legendary Pictures really wants to bring in some serious cash during the summer, then they better make... KING KONG VS. GODZILLA!

  Eat your vegetables!!!
Eat your vegetables!!!

2.) Judge Dredd vs RoboCop

Screw RoboCop vs Terminator people, we need these two in a movie together. I always thought RoboCop and Terminator kicking ass would be cool to see in an animated movie or comic book, but not a live action film. I think Dredd would be a perfect match up for RoboCop both men are hardcore-militant law enforcers that work in very dangerous cities. I was actually a fan of 2014's RoboCop and it would be very interesting bringing 2012's Dredd into the same world of RoboCop (or vice versa). The movie itself doesn't have to be a head-on battle! Instead, both characters should have their 3 minute action-packed fight scene then they team-up to kill something much deadlier....

  A boy can dream...
A boy can dream...

3.) Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

Out of the entire list this might be my favorite match up, I'll tell you why... I firmly believe that Hollywood desperately needs more adventure movies that are actually good! In my opinion, this has a lot of potential to be a fantastic adventure/family film with a lot of fun cat and mouse acting between characters. If this movie ever went down I would love to see Evangeline Lilly as a novice Lara Croft kinda like 2013's Tomb Raider video game and have Karl Urban as an Indiana Jones that's been in the artifact stealing game for some time, but he's still a knucklehead.

Like I said the entire movie would definitely be more of a cat and mouse fight instead of an all out brawl. This movie would be fun, action-packed, witty, comical and filled with adventures!

Make this movie happen Hollywood, please!


I think these 3 movies would be pretty successful in the box office for sure, but what do I know? I'm just some dude throwing out ideas over the internet so in the comments section below give me some movie crossovers you would like to see!


Which of these 3 movies would you most likely watch?


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