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How you doing Moviepiloteers? We are trying to sober up from a Comic-Con hangover, but Marvel news being released since the weekend isn't helping that throbbing headache. [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113) confirmation was released, yet the first outing hasn't hit theaters yet. Marvel Studios sure is confident in their underdog property. Let's face it, the popularity of a: Human-turned-galactic explorer, an assassin, a guy with a mean attitude, a talking tree with VERY limited vocabulary, and a talking raccoon, is very lacking. Given this, director James Gunn, and cast seem very confident that they have what it takes to be the number one team of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

It's not even a contest. The great thing is four of the Guardians can just go hang out, while Rocket devised a plan and single-handedly defeated The Avengers. I mean it would take 20 seconds.

Oh REALLY now?! Sounds like fighting words! Watching this has got me thinking, If they really were to throw down, would it be as epic as well think it would be? While it might not be likely, I'd still have my bet with...Ok wait, hold up let me correct my train of thought before I pen this out.


Ok here's what I think. As a TEAM, I think the Guardians could possibly hold the Avengers down. However, one on one, I think it's quite possible that the tally would go to The Avengers. Match for match, you could have:

Iron man vs Star-Lord

Drax vs Hulk

Gamora vs Captain America

Rocket Raccoon vs Hawkeye

Groot vs Thor (weird match-up I know but they were the odd ones out)

I could see it going 3-2 to The Avengers. I won't reveal who I'd think would win each bout - don't want to upset the fanboys/girls - but I do think it would be a very interesting showdown.


While a crossover as a complete brawl seems kind of unlikely, we all can speculate Thanos to be the bad guy for [The Avengers 3](movie:738027), and with all the rumors going around, we can also speculate that The Guardians will make their way to Earth. Only time will tell. I for one would love to see it go down!

Source: TotalFilm

Guardians of The Galaxy will rock theaters this Friday, August 1, 2014. But who do you think would win? The Avengers or The Guardians? Blow up the comments below!

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Who's your bet to would win?


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