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AIn 2007, the popular video game Hitman was brought to the screen with actor Timothy Olyphant (Justified) in the title role of a nameless assassin raised from childhood to kill. Now seven years later, the franchise is being rebooted with [Hitman: Agent 47](movie:593267), and a new actor in the title role. When production began, Paul Walker was slated to play Agent 47, yet after Walker's tragic death, English actor Rupert Friend (The Young Victoria, Pride & Prejudice) took over. Also starring in Agent 47 is Zachary Quinto, best known for his roles in the Star Trek reboot, American Horror Story: Asylum, and Heroes.

Zachary Quinto - what role in Hitman Agent 47?
Zachary Quinto - what role in Hitman Agent 47?

At a press conference during a Hall H panel at SDCC, Quinto tried to give as much information as he could on his role in the new version of the Hitman universe...

It’s hard to talk about projects like this. Obviously, you want to preserve the experience for the audience, but we want to give you guys something that you can actually write about. Basically, the story is a really large-scale, high-stakes action film, which is rooted in the relationships and the dynamics between these three characters that are played by Hannah [Ware], myself and our third and most important ally in this, Rupert Friend, who plays Agent 47. He’s shooting Homeland in South Africa, which we’re all really excited to see, but it prevented him from being there with us. It’s a real triangle. Basically, Katia is searching for someone and my character, John Smith, presents himself to her, in an effort to help her find who she’s looking for. But, nothing is what it seems with these people. All of us are serving agendas that are sometimes at odds with what we are presenting. It’s tough to be more specific than that because than the experience becomes jeopardized for the audience.

For the full interview with Zachary Quinto about Hitman: Agent 47, visit Collider!


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