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In the last few months we've gotten tons of news regarding the Slasher-Horror genre. That isn't just limited to the movie world either. It seems that Slashers are trying to make their way onto the small screen as well.

The first being the MTV [Scream](series:935988) television series which is set up for release this year or the next. With the original creator of the franchise, Wes Craven, directing the pilot. Things seem to be at a very good start. Here's how the storyline for the first episodes will go:

The pilot will begin with a YouTube video going viral, which soon leads to problems for teenager Audrey and seemingly serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window in a quiet town with a troubled past.

Now, even though the Scream show obviously seems awesome in many ways... I imagine some of you might wonder why none of the big names like Jason or Michael Myers don't have a television show. That actually leads to my next slasher show listing:

[Friday the 13th Series](series:1373491) television show is also listed for a 2015 release.

So far very few is known about the show except the release date and that Jason WILL be in this show. Sean Cunningham(The director of the original Friday the 13th movie) also had this to say about the new show. "The series is contemporary, focusing on the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed." And so far this is the series I'm the most excited for. Some might wonder how such a violent movie franchise could translate into a television show. I think it could work extremely well, just look at [The Walking Dead](series:201193). What makes this even more exciting to me is how it could potentially tie into the movies. This is just a speculation, but the way I see it; if the series does tie into the new movie reboot then that could lead to many things. Possibly even another crossover. Freddy or Michael Myers anyone? Maybe Leatherface... I guess we'll see!

The Evil Dead series has also just been revealed to be coming to television as well with the main protagonist still being the famous Ash, played by Bruce Campbell.

Despite the success of the last Evil Dead film. It seems they've decided to head in the television direction. But who's complaining, right?

Now for the Slashers Who Need Television shows.

Michael Myers and the Halloween series are set up for lots of things. A new movie, another appearance at Halloween Horror Nights, and the ultimate box set that has everything not only a Halloween fan would want, but a horror movie fan in general.

Along with a countless amounts of merchandise, the only thing Michael Myers is missing is a television show. I personally think it fits the Halloween series most. Showing what he does when he isn't trying to kill his sister. What about his uncle or his aunt? They always said he killed his entire family, but we've never seen at least a cousin with their throat slit. The most we've gotten of that are pictures on the wall from the beginning of Halloween H20. I think if a television show with this type of storyline were to be brought about, we would have another awesome Slasher-style show.

The Elm Street franchise and Freddy are also deserving of another television show in my opinion.

Even though he already got one in the late 80s... I think it would be great if he got another in today's format. Not for any reason in particular besides the potential. The potential for it to find its way to crossover into other programs like the Halloween or Friday the 13th television shows mentioned above.

That's it for the main shows that will be and might be getting a television show in the future. There are other characters and franchises I didn't mention because I didn't feel they needed shows as much as others. But it would, of course, still be awesome to see Leatherface or Chucky slicing their way to our television sets. Maybe one day!


Which Shows Are YOU Most Excited For? And Which Do You think Deserves A Show Most?


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