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At San Diego Comic Con 2014 during Warner Bros. panel, Marc Guggenheim let fans know that Ted Grant/Wildcat will be coming to [Arrow](series:720988)! No actor has been cast as the boxer yet, and we don't know which episode he will debut in. The only thing Marc said was that he he will have interactions with Laurel. Die Hard comic book fans should know what this means! In the comics, Wildcat trained multiple heroes, trained Batman and guess who else, Black Canary !

I guess you can say Stephen Amell dropped a major hint about Wildcat when he posted this picture below, on his social media pages a couple weeks ago. But most fans speculated that this is where Oliver would take Felicity on their date.

I see a cat.
I see a cat.

Could we be seeing Laurel actual become The Black Canary this season?

In the comics Ted Grant is a World Champion Boxer, an expert krav-maga fighter (Type of Martial Arts), and at some unspecified time was given nine lives. Since Arrow is more of a grounded show I wouldn't be surprised to see them remove his nine lives. Here's a few ways Ted can be introduced in Arrow season three.

1. Laurel in secret hopes of herself being able to be like her sister and Oliver she meets Grant (ex world championship boxer) and convinces him to train her.

2. Since Arrow has already introduced Laurel's mom, they could have him as a longtime family friend of the Lance family, and he pops into starling city to visit Quentin after hearing about his near death experience, and promotion to Captain. There Quentin requests for him to train Laurel because he will feel better knowing his daughter can protect herself.

3. (This wildcat would be way younger than his comic book self. He'll be in his 30's) Laurel believes Ollie and her no longer have an interest in each other and finally let's go of Tommy. She begins searching for a new man when she stumbles across Ted, a private trainer who is an exceptional fighter. (Maybe a scene of Laurel introducing him to Ollie, and they agree to go to a ring to workout. When they fight Ted holds his own against Oliver really well even showing a sign of winning at a point.) Ted and Laurel start dating and she starts to find out about his past life and hints toward his heroism. Throw in some scenes of them working out and training together and you have a Black Canary in training.

I'm really looking forward to how they introduce and play with this character, especially his hero persona because I am stumped on what his reason to fight crime will be, how they're going to suit him up. And if they do suit him up how the costume will look, because his headpiece in the comics may look a bit sill on screen.

*Update J.R Ramirez has been cast as Ted Grant. So we can only assume this version will be a young Wildcat in his 30's.*

J.R Ramirez
J.R Ramirez


Which Way Will Wildcat Be Introduced?


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