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Frozen's presence on Once Upon a Time is officially heating up. The latest characters from the animated Disney movie to make the move to the ABC series are Pabbie - the gentle troll king of the Valley of the Living Rock, and Hans - the gorgeous primary antagonist of Frozen.

John Rhys-Davies - who's best known for his role as Gimli the dwarf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy - will voice a computer-animated version of Pabbie.

Look, now, I know you're still worried that there's no casting for Olaf. But, from a storytelling angle, I can see why Pabbie would be a better choice. He stirred up more conflict than Olaf did, after all, and Rhys-Davies is bound to be excellent in the role.

How's this for proof:

Told you!

The previously announced role of Hans will be filled by Shameless' Tyler Jacob Moore, who will no doubt be stirring up some trouble for the citizens of Storybrooke.

Prince Hans has already been described as "having a serious chip on his shoulder and a burning desire to be king" in Once Upon a Time, so let's hope the Shameless actor remembers how to play at dysfunctionality.

So, now that these two are confirmed, let's remind ourselves who else is part of the Frozen invasion of Storybrooke...

We've got newcomer Elizabeth Lail playing Anna. Lail is a fresh face that's only appeared in a couple of short films, but she certainly looks the part:

And then there's Scott Michael Foster who'll be portraying Kristoff on the show. Foster's credits include Californication and The River and he can currently be seen on AMC's Halt and Catch Fire.

And, of course, taking the throne as ice queen Elsa, Reckless and Fringe star, 28-year-old Georgina Haig.

I think they all look pretty good - and I've seen Frozen about 12 times. My appetite for Disney's biggest animated flick is insatiable! But with these latest casting additions, do you think Once Upon a Time will be as successful?


Do you think the Once Upon a Time casting is appropriate?

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