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Daryl and Beth: It's one of the most talked about will they/won't they love stories since Mulder and Scully flirted outrageously with each other throughout the nineties.

The 90s were an outrageously flirty time
The 90s were an outrageously flirty time

At the back end of The Walking Dead Season 4 it seemed a real possibility that these two similar souls from different sides of the tracks might get together, but Beth was taken away by bad guys unknown before love had the chance to bloom.

As Norman Reedus recently revealed, Beth's kidnapping was really bad timing for their relationship:

Beth was kind of like this long dark tunnel. She was kind of like this little flame at the end of it. He got closer and closer to that flame and thought maybe he could see something and maybe there would be light and it’s getting warmer and warmer… and then someone blew it out.

But Season 5 is fast approaching and with it the possibility of a Beth and Daryl reunion. And when this day comes, will there be love in the air?

If Daryl has a thing for Beth or whatever, I always saw that as, if he did, he didn’t understand those feelings. He might have felt them, but it wasn’t a thing. He was sort of uncomfortable with those feelings, but there might be hope somewhere down the line and then it was taken from him, again. Reunited with his brother, taken. Found his family in the prison, taken. Almost got Sophia, taken. It’s like over and over and over again. And that happens to all of us.

Sounds like Daryl has been hurt so many times that he might find it impossible to open up and feel again. He's pretty much lost everybody that ever meant anything to him, and that really has to mess you up quite badly.

But maybe Beth can save him once more?


Do you think Daryl and Beth should hook up?

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