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Everyone wants to think of themselves as unique. But there's 'unique,' and then there's... balls-to-the-wall WEIRD.

Body horror movies like Tusk and American Mary may be fiction, but real life surgeries are getting just as F.R.E.A.K.Y...

Well, you can't say they're not unique...

Three Ears Are Better Than Two?

Performance artist Stelarc had a cell-cultivated human ear surgically attached onto his arm. Y'know, like you do.

His long-term dream is to implant a wireless capable microphone so people all over the world could hear what his freaky arm-ear was listening to.

Subdermal Implants

'Subdermal Implants' is a fancy way of saying 'weird bumps under your skin, for the rest of your life'.

Bagel Heading

'Bagel Heading' is created by injecting saline into the forehead over a period of two hours. However, it's not permanent, so go wild and get your own poppy-seed Deli bread product embedded into your face for that special night out!

Cyborg Antenna Implant

In 2004 Neil Harbisson had an antenna surgically attached to his skull. As a result, he can receive phone calls directly into his head, and is officially recognized as a Cyborg on his passport. Interesting, to say the least.

Nose stretching

Nasal flesh tunnels....for when sneezing is just not gross enough.

Cat Features

Dennis Avner - a.k.a. Stalking Cat - was famous for his extreme body mods, including a robotic tail. He had silicon injected in his lips, cheeks and chin to make his face more cat-like, as well as splitting his upper lip and filing and capping his teeth.

Tongue Bifurcation

Fancy getting your tongue cut in two from the tip to the underside base? Thought not.

Head Like A Hole

Trepanning is an ancient surgical procedure where a hole is drilled into the skull. Years ago, it was believed to cure epilepsy, migraines and mental disorders...these days, people do it to allow blood to better flow in and out of the brain, causing a permanent high.

A Little Twinkle In The Eye

'Eyeball jewelry' is inserted in a simple surgery which requires one small cut and no stitches....but I'm still not rushing to book my appointment.

Wow. Congratulations on your dedication, I guess?


What do you think is the craziest body modification?


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