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So, Comic-Con is over. SDCC 2014 is no more. It is an ex-convention.

Now, we saw some pretty cool stuff over the past weekend - Wonder Woman's costume and a first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron are likely to be two standouts - but the overwhelming takeaway for many from the 'Con of 'Cons was one of absence. Of what was missing. Of what we didn't see.


A Proper Look at the Justice League

Sure, we got a few seconds of footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - but what we really wanted was a long, hard look at the team itself.

We wanted Ben Affleck, Bat-suited up, like an older, gruffer Andrew Garfield:

Or at least Henry Cavill wearing a slightly new Super-suit...

Speaking of DC-related news:

Where in the Briny Depths Was Aquaman?

Jason Momoa's been teasing us all for weeks with hints that he'll be playing Aquaman in Batman v Superman - and at this point he's seriously starting to run out of juice when it comes to yanking our chains.

Really, Warner Brothers? It would have killed you to have Momoa leap onto the stage in full costume (preferably without having warned Cavill and Affleck...)?

Or, For That Matter, Doctor Strange?

Sure, Benedict Cumberbatch teased us all with that 'Nurse Normal' quip - and Joaquin Phoenix is now being heavily rumored to be playing the part - but we were all pretty sure we'd see some Stephen Strange at the 'Con.

His absence is...odd. Peculiar. Unusual. Something like that, anyway...

In Fact, Did Marvel Kind of Drop the Ball?

Maybe we've just been spoiled by past 'Cons, but it sure felt as though Marvel were holding onto a lot more information than usual. Josh Brolin with an Infinity Gauntlet and an extended look at Avengers: Age of Ultron is great and all - and a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel confirmation is even better - but we wanted Strange, Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl,

Anyone, really, except for H.E.R.B.I.E.

Who, in fact, is more likely owned by a company we barely heard anything from at all:

Fox and Sony's Superheroes Were Nowhere to be Seen

Now, sure - X-Men Apocalypse is still a ways away, and Sony may or may not even be making a Spider-Man film, but The Fantastic Four?

There aren't many people out there who aren't a little on the concerned side when it comes to the foursome's upcoming movie reboot - so the lack of any kind of video reassurance was concerning, to say the least.

Nor Were the Dinosaurs We Ordered

A few themed jeeps aside, there was a distinct lack of anything Jurassic in San Diego this weekend - with not even a hint of video footage. With Jurassic World set for release summer 2015, and Chris Pratt about as hot as it gets with Guardians of the Galaxy's imminent release, that's got to be up there with one of the biggest surprises of the 'Con.

Right Up There With Terminator, Which Distinctly Wasn't Back

Not a single iconic leather jacket in sight...

SDCC 2014 may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun is - you can catch up with all the stories you might have missed right here.


What do you guys think? What are you most disappointed to NOT see at Comic-Con?


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