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Alright, gang. It's epic Disney fan theory time - and this time, it's an air-tight case. Open and shut. Throw away the key sorta stuff.

So lay down some newspapers, grab a mop, and get ready for your mind to be completely blown:

Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are related.

But that's not all - you won't believe who links them...

Let's start from the beginning, though, with a...talking teapot?

Specifically, this teapot:

Look familiar? Well, there's a reason for that:

And it sounds a lot like Angela Lansbury.

The teapot from Beauty and the Beast didn't just get shelved at the film's conclusion, it seems. Instead, it (she?) obviously made its (her?) way to the African jungle.

But how?

Well, take a look at Tarzan's Jane:

Remind you of anyone?


That's right, Jane has that teapot set not because she has excellent taste in bone china, but because she inherited them from Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Her ancestor.

The two have a whole lot more in common than dress sense, too - the eccentric, grey-haired fathers, their taste in wild-men, their overwhelming urge to change those wild-men into civilized Disney prince types.

But if Jane is indeed descended from Belle, how on earth did she end up being English? After all, Beauty and the Beast was very much set in France.

Well, that's where Frozen comes in.

Well, Frozen and the French Revolution.

Which, not too long after the events of Beauty and the Beast, would have either sent Belle and Beast/Prince Adam to the Guillotine - or caused them to flee for their lives.

Say, to a German town. Like, for instance, Weselton.

Which, by the time Frozen rolls around, has a Duke who's terrified of blonde women wielding magic. And why?

Because his grandfather was turned into a Beast by one:

So, remember this guy?

  Y'know, that Duke everyone hated...
Y'know, that Duke everyone hated...

The Duke with the distinctly un-Germanic way of pronouncing Weselton?

That's Belle and the Beast's grandson.

Of course, though, by the end of Frozen, he's very much burnt every bridge he has with the vital trade partner (and now Magic-fuelled) Arendelle - which suggests that he's probably not going to last too long in his Dukedom.

Which would probably be a big problem, if there wasn't another country nearby going through the Industrial Revolution at that exact same time - England. And wouldn't you know it, all of their kings and queens were German, too!

  Especially Queen Victoria...
Especially Queen Victoria...

So, it seems that Duke Weasel-face pretty quickly moved to good old Blighty, made himself a steady income of some sort, lost the accent, and then, hey presto, a few generations later:

His descendants still look exactly like him, but are very distinctly British.

Which, via the Duke, means that Jane is Belle's great, great, great grand-daughter (give or take a great or two). It took the family three countries, a whole lot of sea voyages, more magic than was ever recorded in the history books, a bunch of new languages - neatly explaining why Jane's so good at communicating with Tarzan, incidentally - and a brief sideline in villainy, but they eventually made it.

Right where...they started...

Oh, Disney. You cruel, wonderful scamp.

Want more epic Disney theories involving [Frozen](movie:411685)? Well, look no further...


What do you guys think, though? Is Jane really descended from Belle?



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