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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Oh, Canada. Your vast open spaces, your beautiful scenery, your horrifying bloodbaths. Wait- WHAT?

Turns out, a whole bunch of incredible horror movies are set in Canada, and every real horror fan needs to check them out, immediately...

Ginger Snaps (2000)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Suburban Toronto

Type Of Horror: Smart Teen Werewolf Parable

The Actual Horror: Ginger gets bitten by a werewolf, becomes one.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? Ginger Snaps is gory but funny, slick but smart, bringing some of the finest dialogue you'll ever hear in a teen movie. Plus, it's a menstrual allegory even Angela Carter could be proud of...


The Fly (1958)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Montreal

Type Of Horror: 50's Sci-Fi Horror

The Actual Horror: Scientist accidentally becomes part-fly.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? Many people forget that the awesome 1986 David Cronenberg The Fly is a remake, but it is. Oh, and Cronenberg's Canadian too (but you knew that).


Tusk (2014)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Backwoods Manitoba

Type Of Horror: Darkly Comic Body Horror

The Actual Horror: Man strays into Canada, gets turned into Walrus by madman.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? Tusk combines blacker-than-black comedy with some seriously rancid gore and, at times, quasi-profound Ahab-esque reflections on human (and walrus) nature. Plus, it masterfully pokes fun at U.S. stereotypes about Canadians.


My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Type Of Horror: Golden Age Slasher

The Actual Horror: Serial killer in gas mask ruins Valentine's Day.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? MBV is one of the finest slashers ever made, without question. Also, you MUST check out the theme tune...


Martyrs (2008)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Quebec

Type Of Horror: Ultraviolent New French Extremity

The Actual Horror: Child abuse victim seeks revenge, finds extreme violence and despair.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? Martyrs was too extreme to be made in America. This is the most deeply disturbing, intensely nihilistic film I've ever seen - and I watch a lot of messed up sh*t.


Cube (1997)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: Uh, hard to tell...

Type Of Horror: High Concept Sci-Fi Horror

The Actual Horror: Lethal booby-trapped complex confounds imprisoned Canadians.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? Before Saw, there was Cube. If you like intelligence, ingenuity and suspense with your vicious death traps, this is the cult classic for you.


American Mary (2012)

Terrifying Canadian Locale: I'm aware of the irony of a Canadian movie being called American Mary and I'm sure the directors did, too. It was shot in Vancouver.

Type Of Horror: Rape-Revenge Body Horror

The Actual Horror: Girl performs non-consensual surgery on rapists.

Why Did It Terrify Canada? All. Out. Gore. There's just something about watching a struggling victim receive savage surgical mutilation without anesthetic that never stops being horrible...


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