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I kind of want to like Smaug but I can't sorry
I kind of want to like Smaug but I can't sorry

The Hobbit trailer finally came out and it's looking fabulous.

To start off this breakdown I must say that it looks visually stunning.

Hobbit Trailer Here.

Bilbo starts off by "One day I will remember. Remember everything that happened. The Good. The Bad. Those who survived and those who did not." Which means he has Amnesia so the movie is most likely going to be Bilbo remembering the battle. So it won't start off at the battle.

As Bilbo is talking Smaug flies over the town and burns houses to ash. Great.

The Misty Eye Song plays and the trailer shows various characters including Bard and Thorin. ( <3)

"No uncle please this is going to end badly."
"No uncle please this is going to end badly."

The dwarves get all suited up in armour for the battle and Bard looks over an army of men. It's looking brilliant by this point.

Bard: Will you have peace or war?
Thorin: I will have war.

So much happens in the next twenty seconds.

You see Thranduil fighting and Legolas looking scared (who knew he could be). Kili, sexy as always, appears. Then the Orc army are marching and Bolg , head of the Orcs, running over to Bilbo. It cuts back to Bard and then the eye appears.

Thorin speaks.. "Will you follow me... One last time?". Bilbo and the dwarves are looking very reluctant.

Oh almost forgot, In the Trailer you will see Galadriel kissing the top of the forehead of what looks like Balin the dwarf. I liked him but he's definitely dead.


I think the trailer may have given a way a tad bit much but it was so great that changing it even a tiny bit would have ruined it!

So what do ye guys think? Can ye wait? Are ye disappointed? Let me know!


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