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Jonathan J Moya

Have you ever stared for hours at that landscape painting above your grandparents sofa wondering if it could get any more boring? All that peace and stillness, that calm needs some now-ness, some prankster hipness, a little shot of surreal cinema, maybe a little Sci-Fi vibe?

David Irvine has done something to bring dull thrift store art to vibrant life and into the modern world. He has "redirected" some of those paintings with a shot of movie and game pop. This is no mere cut and paste Photoshop job either. Irvine takes actual brushes, oils and paints and creates his figures into the canvass using the same technique that the original artists used, creating his own naturalism, pointillism, impressionistic homages. Some like the zombies walking a blast out factory landscape are weirdly apropos. Others like the Bambi and Thumper under a TP'ed tree in the forest slightly miss. All are not your grandparents art but all are entertaining and a great spin on old oil paintings.

You can see more of Irvine's art at his site.

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