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The Halo series has always been a Microsoft and Xbox staple, acting as a flag bearer for the brand, and pushing the boundaries of what the consoles are capable of. And Halo 5 Guardians looks to be no exception.

Halo Nightfall and Agent Locke

The recent San Diego Comic Con 2014 saw the panel talk for [Halo: Nightfall (Digital Feature)](movie:1427493), the upcoming TV show that will follow the story of Agent Locke, a new playable character to Halo 5.

So what did we learn about him? Well first off, he is a notorious manhunter. Halo: Nightfall's plot will see him arrive at Sedra to investigate terrorist activity on the colony and meet up with a poorly equipped and embittered Colonial Guard crew, forced to make do with outdated equipment.

The show, which is being executive produced by Ridley Scott, is set to attempt to establish a backstory for Agent Locke, ahead of him assuming a larger role in Halo 5 Guardians, where - for the first time since Halo 2 - you will take charge of a character who is no Master Chief.

Where is Master Chief?

So what of Master Chief? Well, as anyone who has seen the epic teaser trailer for Halo 5 will know, he is wandering the wastes of the galaxy, presumably in order to attempt to restore Cortana whose loss at the end of Halo 4 he is still mourning.

We can only assume, then, that it will be Agent Locke's duty to track him down. What was interesting is that in the trailer for Master Chief collection, we saw the Arbiter (the playable character from Halo 2) talking to Agent Locke about Master Chief. It was an interesting trailer, and managed to set up a relationship between these three characters that was hard to decipher. Were they enemies or friends? Would they double cross each other, or were they about to team up to do battle with something greater than they could defeat alone?

Halo 5 Guardians: Technical Improvements!

  Halo 5 will run on a completely new engine!
Halo 5 will run on a completely new engine!

The Halo games have always been at the forefront of what is possible on the Xbox, and Halo 5 Guardians will look to showcase the potential of the Xbox One by running on a new engine, at 60 frames per second.

The online play will get a shake up, too. Halo's online mode is possibly one of its most important selling points, and Halo 5 will have dedicated servers for multiplayer, lessening the reliance on other player's internet speeds and improving the quality overall.

Halo 5 Guardians: Improvements All Round, Rival To Netflix?

So what can we make of Halo 5 Guardians? Well, for the final judgement, we will have to wait and see, but it seems that Microsoft is planning on using this game to advance on all fronts.

They have an ambitious plot, which will be supplemented not only by the Ridley Scott produced Halo: Nightfall, but also by another web streaming series helmed by Steven Spielberg. The release of this show on Xbox Live is rumored to be an attempt to establish the service as a rival to netflix and Amazon Instant.

With the other improvements in graphics and online play, could this be the game that truly manages to establish the Xbox One and secures Microsoft's future? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Will Halo 5 Guardians be the best game so far on the Xbox One?

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