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I read an article on Moviepilot a few days ago about Universal's plan to reboot their monster franchise in an Avengers-esque crossover. here's how I think they should do it:


The Modern Prometheus

Its a great title, because that was another name for Mary Shelley's novel, originally. They should just stick with the original story for the plot.

  • Dr. Frankenstein: (I leave this for you to debate in the comments).
  • The Creature: Benedict Cumberbatch. He's done it on stage before, opposite Elementary's Jonny Lee Miller, and he could do it again, with the right makeup/effects.

The Wolfman

The Legend of the Wolfman

Yes, I know, that's a pretty bad title, but it's fresher than simply "The Wolfman", which has been done twice already. This movie should keep the premise of Talbot returning to his hometown after his brother's death, with elements of both versions thrown in, like Gwen being his brother's widow, and the gypsy. They should also throw in a little modern horror movie brutality, and maybe even a Hemlock Grove-ish transformation.

  • Larry Talbot: (you guys decide)


Bram Stoker's Dracula

That's the best possible title. IT'S THE ORIGINAL! They should follow the story, then at the end, have a struggle between the Harkers, Van Helsing, and Dracula where Dracula barely escapes and vows revenge.

  • Count Dracula: Christoph Waltz or Tom Hiddleston
  • Abraham Van Helsing: Tom Cruise (Not my choice, but he's been cast)
  • Mina Harker: (comments)
  • Jonathan Harker: Dominic Cooper (Anyone agree with that?)

The Mummy

The Curse of the Mummy

This remake should follow the original more closely than the Fraser series. it should keep elements of both, like the characters Imhotep, Ardath Bey, Helen Grosvenor, the Whemples, and Rick O'Connell. Make the fight at the end result in the mummy turning to ash. After the credits, have a figure enter, and sweep the ashes into a container, that they carry off.

You can discuss the casting in the comments.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

This should be more faithful to the book than the 1933 movie, for example, it should include the Thomas Marvel character, and have Kemp actually make it to the end of the movie. in the final fight at the end of the movie, Griffin tries to undress so that he will be invisible, but before he can take his glasses (the last thing he has on) off, Kemp shoots him, and he and his glasses tumble over a cliff. After the credits, have the camera pan to the bottom of the cliff, where the glasses lay, cracked. Then have the camera fly to the top of the cliff, where Griffin is putting his coat and hat on, laughing maniacally.

Whatever Other Monsters They Decide To Do

Just stick close to the plots of the books and/or original movies.

The Teamup

Van Helsing Returns

(crappy title, I know.) This movie should start with Count Dracula manipulating the Creature into helping him, reviving Imhotep using the ashes he collected, tricking Larry Talbot into believing he can help him cure his lycanthropy, and Griffin persuading Dracula into letting him join them. Dracula then schemes to destroy Van Helsing and the Harkers, and Griffin secretly plans to exploit this for revenge on Dr. Kemp and Thomas Marvel. Meanwhile, Victor Frankenstein finds out that his monster has joined up with the infamous Count Dracula, whom Jonathan Harker outed as a vampire years earlier. Frankenstein then seeks out Abraham Van Helsing. The two then form a League of Extraordinary Gentleman-type group, consisting of Van Helsing, Dr. Frankenstein, Jonathan Harker, Igor, Dr. Kemp, Frank Whemple, Mina Harker and others in the UHCU. (Universal Horror Cinematic Universe) Toward the end of the story, have the two groups in a final fight against each other. Van Helsing and Dracula square off, the Creature finally kills his creator, Jonathan Harker gets in a fight with the transformed Talbot, who reverts to human once Harker convinces him that he can actually find a cure for him. Van Helsing's group finally wins, and Dracula is defeated for good. After the battle, Griffin and the Creature escape to Frankenstein's lab.

Thank you for reading!


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