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Young Adult horror is a bit of a special genre that features a mix of "light" horror, and a generous helping of age appropriate drama and issues as a frame. [Innocence](movie:398422) is one of those films and is based on the Jane Mendelsohn novel of the same name.

The story (unedited from IMDb): A young woman discovers her elite Manhattan preparatory school harbors a dark secret.

What this sounds like: Suspiria for beginners.

What's in the trailer: After her mother's death, sixteen year old Beckett (Sophie Curtis) is sent to an elite private school (but really, there aren't any other kinds of private schools, especially in movies) where she tries to pull the pieces of her life back together and grieve in her own way. Just when things are starting to look like they're on their way back to "normal," awful thing begin to happen at the school. Shocking suicides, a crazy "best friend" and some creepy interactions with the school's Headmistress (Kelly Reilly - Watson's sassy wife from [Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows](movie:37957)) make Beckett start to think that something isn't quite right at Hamilton. The trailer doesn't even bother to hide the fact that the school is, in fact, run by a coven of ancient witches, and those witches are after Beckett and her virgin blood.

What do YOU think of this trailer? Will YOU be catching [Innocence](movie:398422) when it hits theatres on August 29th?


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