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Mere weeks ago, everyone was up in arms about Marvel's choices to reinvent the classic characters of Thor and Captain America as a woman and African-American in Avengers NOW!. While some skeptics refuse to separate themselves from the original characters and claiming Marvel is trying to push an agenda, it seems like many more enjoy the idea of spicing up the character continuity, even if it was a bit of diversity nobody was expecting. Now we have news that Marvel Studios is indeed willing to consider the new characters for movie adaptations, while this would still be quite a ways down the road.

When asked about possibly adapting the new versions of Thor as a woman and Captain America as an African-American (The Falcon), Kevin Feige shared some interesting views.

The option for us is adapting the comics. If we're able to make as many movies, over the years, as we hope we're able to make, I think we can pull from any of them. I think its more likely that we'll see some of the existing female characters from the books, or existing African-American characters, or African-African characters, from the books come to life before we swap some of the other heroes. But, if it becomes a classic, iconic storyline, that's what we want to make movies of.

It seems the adaptations will be up for consideration should the comics become successful now, and therefore classics later. So, if you're certain you want to see a female Thor movie and the Falcon become the third Captain America in the movie adaptations, make sure to buy a copy of Avengers NOW! so that Marvel can be sure that fans will be up for a film adaptation of the characters.


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