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Lisa Carol Fremont

While at SDCC 2014 Alexandre Aja visited the "Walking Dead Escape" and spoke to Greg Gilman about all things Horns.

Arriving in theaters October 31 and based on the novel by Joe Hill, Aja talks about how he fell in love with the book and knew that he had to make the movie. Watching Mr. Aja, whom I consider to be one of the finest horror directors, become so animated and excited about the story of Horns just put my excitement level over this movie at an 11. While it's interesting that Gilman asks Aja how he views the recent slew of remakes, reboots and adaptations, Aja takes the question is stride and has a wonderful answer. (Aja remade Mirrors, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha and Maniac and has now adapted Horns.)

Aja also gives a nice tidbit of information about the movie he has coming out after Horns. You can watch the video for the whole interview.



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