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Hey Fellow True Believers!

I must say, it has been a rather exciting past couple of days with all the news coming to us by way of San Diego Comic-Con. Now I'm here to discuss one bit of news, and that's the long awaited reveal of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

Now, in previous posts, I have made it abundantly clear that Gal, would not have been my first choice. (still hoping this is a dream, and that it's being decided between Serinda Swan and Antje Traue) Hell if it were up to me, Gal wouldn't even be in the audience! I don’t have anything against her personally, I’ll be honest…I liked her in the Fast & Furious movies despite her accent rendering her a bit difficult to understand at times. But she clearly must've done something quite extraordinary during her read for the part of Wonder Woman, that floored the director, and we are.

While it may seem as though I'm taking to her defense, I'm not. I'm rather making an appeal b/c it seems that she's already been condemned in the court of public opinion (and she hasn't even been seen in a trailer yet, let alone the movie)

My appeal is basically this...let us all reserve judgement on Batman vs Superman....for when we see the final product! Now I'm going to briefly detail why she wasn't my first choice...and it came down to 2 simple things...she lacks the physicality (or what I thought Wonder Woman’s physicality should be) and not enough acting experience. That was it. Acting wise…aside from the 3 Fast & Furious films, she’s not known for very much else. She’s a former underwear model, and here she is, being given one of the most iconic female characters of all time. To say that this is a big gamble is the understatement of the year! But it’s not just a gamble for the studio. My friends think about it, there is a lot riding on this. This is the role, that’s either going to make or break her career. (No Pressure) And you know what? She’s working her butt off for it. Take a look at this pic where she’s flexing.

  Gal Gadot: building muscle
Gal Gadot: building muscle

Granted, she’s a long way from becoming a female bodybuilder, but she’s working with what she has, and it looks to be a significant step up from this:

Plus, here’s another thing to consider…this is Zack Snyder directing. The man that brought us 300. Those guys in that film, as well as Antje Fraue, Henry Cavill and now I imagine Gal Gadot all trained at Gym Jones.

You all saw what kind of shape these people were whipped into for their respective roles. (and mind you, none of the Spartans in 300 were hulking brutes like The Rock in Hercules. They were all ripped, very nimble warriors)

I think this is what they’re aiming for with Gal’s turn as [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), and you know what? It makes sense. The main philosophy at Gym Jones, is function over aesthetics. It’s not just about creating the appearance of fitness, but actually being fit and functional. They get you into fighting shape. So while yes to many this look

  Wonder Woman, an agile warrior
Wonder Woman, an agile warrior

will appear to be a skinny Wonder Woman, what it in fact is, is a slender, fit warrior princess. I’m even going to go a step further and say that I like this costume. My only gripe with it, b/c functionally it doesn’t make sense are the platform boots. Now, just throw in a fencing class and a couple of sessions of Pankration (Ancient Greek fighting style) and we’ll have ourselves a winner. She’ll be fine. I’m hoping that when she makes her appearance, not only will she be wielding a sword, but a shield and spear as well!!

Someone, once said…all of us are born with a purpose, that all of us have something that we are supposed to do. Could this quite possibly be what Gal’s purpose is? To break open the doors, and be the one that finally makes way for a female superhero in Hollywood? One that will not only achieve monetary success at the box-office, but one that will also be taken seriously. One that will run towards danger head on and not away from it. One that doesn’t need saving, but in fact does the saving herself? It’s been tough for women to catch a break though, especially when you consider that female lead superhero movies haven’t fared well in Hollywood at all. I mean seriously, does anybody even want to remember Supergirl, Red Sonja, Cat-Woman, or Elektra? Then you have other female heroes that appear in ensemble movies, but are quickly overshadowed by the male stars in the film, and are thus disempowered. (Bat-Girl, Storm, Rogue, and ugh…Lady Sif)

It’s quite frustrating b/c in the comics we all know these women are carrying around a bigger pair than most men! Another frustrating fact, is that once the movies bomb…a reboot isn’t even considered, b/c the decision makers in Hollywood think that the movies' failure was due to gender, and not that a poor quality product was put out. On the flipside of things, we’ve gone through 3 actors for Superman, and 5 Batmen! (well 6 if you count Adam West) WTF Hollywood?!?!? The only female heroine that’s been holding her own, has been [Black Widow](movie:1070824), and at times it seems as though she’s onscreen and given nothing to do! This isn’t b/c she’s a lame hero but b/c she like many of the female heroes that have been depicted in films is a victim of insufficient writing!

So guys (and gals) it’s a done deal. She’s the one the studios went with, and no amount of complaining on our part is going to change that. She’s got a lot riding on her shoulders as it is. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her, and just sit back and wait, we may end up being pleasantly surprised. Best case scenario for me would be that if this movie is hated, it won’t be b/c of her. I’d like her to end up being like Anne Hathaway’s Cat-Woman in [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011), where she was for the most part, teased throughout the film and you were left with a feeling of wanting to see more of her. She was actually the best thing TDKR had going for it! (of course this is just IMHO)

Until next time friends!


-ps. To Miss Derpetta V. Greene, don’t hate me girl… know what I’m saying makes perfect sense!


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