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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
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Earth's mightiest champion was first introduced as Billy Batson an orphan paper boy working the night shift by a subway station. In the first issue Whiz Comics he was approached by a shadowy figure that led him into the subway station where a magical train arrived and transported him into a secret cave, there Billy entered it's passing hallway alone and discovered a hall filled with statues showcasing the 7 deadly sins as well as a old man sitting upon a marvel throne.

Welcoming Billy by name he introduced himself as the powerful wizard Shazam explaining that he had fought evil for the last 3000 years and that his name was an acronym for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury as he possesses their respectful gifts of wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage, and speed. The wizard likewise explained that he had been watching Billy since birth witnessing both the death of his parents and his wicked uncle stealing his inheritance.He had chosen Billy as the one to carry on his quest to fighting injustice, cruelty due to his pure heart.


Billy would only need to say Shazam in order to transform into the grown up superhuman champion Captain Marvel. Following this a block hanging over the wizard snapped and crushed the old wizard.

In the years that followed Billy was mentored by ghost of Shazam (the old wizard) and likewise gave the same powers to his crippled friend Freddie Freeman, his new found sister Mary and together they became the Marvel family. Billy's origin was later explained adding that his parents were killed by Black Adam, the first superhero created by [Shazam](movie:738107) that became corrupted by evil and banished to outer space for several millennium.

Marvel Family
Marvel Family

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