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Tim Neloff

Well just as they failed in casting Batman/Bruce Wayne, Zack Snyder and the casting crew of Batman vs Superman have struck again. The first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Women was revealed at the San-Diego Comicon over the weekend and it is unimpressive to say the least. She is still just a pretty face on a stick body and as of this moment still no talent. Bit parts in various TV and Movies and a medium part in Fast 4-6 and not a memorable performance in the lot. Her acting is bland,forced and she just looks uncomfortable on screen. Now we know for sure she simply does not resonate Diana Prince in any way other than hair color. Now let's talk costuming. Overall I don't have too much of an issue with the design choice. Definitely lacking in some color but so far that seems to be the Snyder theme with Justice League characters. Might have preferred a pants outfit but I can live with it.

There are many things that have me worried about this film and I may very well be wrong on all counts. The problem is Man of Steel was quite simply to me just an ok movie. There's many reasons I have for that opinion but it's old news so we'll leave that be. The problem is from that film we have a good idea what to expect. In the vein of [Man of Steel](movie:15593) this Wonder Woman is not going to work unless a miracle happens. I hope I'm wrong but I'm still sticking to the matinee pricing to watch it. I'm going to say one last time for everyone to see....Alexandra Dadarrio. A decent body of work with some strong roles and powerful presence on screen at times. She also played Annabeth daughter of Athena in the Percy Jackson films. She can act, she can fight and looks are well...

“There are two ways to think about it. We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t know the material."-Zack Snyder

Yes he said that. Please Warner stop while you still have time. I could go for days about poor casting from all the studios but you simply cannot afford to mess up [Wonder Woman](movie:45787).


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