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After a crazy weekend at San Diego Comic Con, we are back to bringing you what we feel is some of the best Geek info of the week.

Starting of the week, is of course Guardians of the Galaxy which opens this weekend worldwide, with special screenings all week long, that we are excited to say, we'll be attending, Wed night, we won't spoil anything for you!

Marvel announced this week that it will be producing a Star Wars: Princess Leia mini series. Let's hope for big readership so they turn it into an ongoing series, because why shouldn't Princess Leia have her own series, she is now Disney's toughest Princess.

  Princess Leia
Princess Leia

Finally this week a new trailer for the Hobbit:The Battle of the Five Armies was released at San Diego Comic Con and is making its rounds on the internet. Are you excited to see the final film in the prequel series.

Check out the trailer here


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