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Amy Martin
A group’s getaway into the woods dissolves into a full-throttle fight for their lives when unwelcome aliens invade.

Hmm a tad cliche?

Getaway into the woods. I hate to say it, but I have seen a LOT of horror movies that are either based in the woods or in cabins nearby. (Cabin in the woods, Friday the 13th, Last House On The Left, The Blair Witch Project, Animal - the list goes on, and on, and on for a very long time)

Unwelcome aliens invade

*Sigh, I don't think I have to list how many movies include people going into a "full-throttle fight for their lives" against unwelcome alien races, as we all know that there's tonnes of them. Plus the fact that I highly doubt that aliens actually look like the one in the poster?

Anyway - it's the latest film from the 'Vicious Brothers' and if you are interested in seeing it (heck who knows, maybe it will be good to laugh at) then you can catch it on VOD this October 17th, or on the limited theatrical release on November 21st.

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