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Comedy movies with a little over the top gore and dark humor are definitely the best kind. Here's MY five all time favorite horror comedy movies, so tell me in the comments if you agree! I'm warning you now, there's no Shaun of the Dead on this list - so I apologize for any disappointment I may have caused.

#5 - Warm Bodies

Please - let me explain before you judge. I've been an avid horror fan for quite some time now, so I was actually almost angry when I read the plot for this one. I thought damn, they ruined Vampires with Twilight, and now they've decided to ruin Zombies for us too. So naturally I dismissed the film, until it was suggested to me by several of my horror-crazy friends. So I thought what the heck, and gave it a go - only to find that I really genuinely enjoyed it. Yes, it did ruin the classic zombie image, but it was pretty damn funny. Maybe I just enjoyed looking at Nicholas Hoult, or maybe it was just a well made movie - I mean heck, it had Dave Franco and John Malkovich in it. So if you've put this one off for the same reasons I did, I suggest you give it a go.

#4 - The Lost Boys

Now it's probably fair to say that this one is leaning more towards the horror side of things then it is comedy, but nonetheless it still has some pretty funny scenes in it. I'm proud to say that I own the vhs, dvd, and complete soundtrack to this movie on record.

#3 - Zombieland

Now this one beats Shaun of the Dead by a loooong shot. I've seen this one SO many times, and I still laugh at the same jokes. There are plenty of hilarious scenes in this movie, but the best ones have got to be the slow motion opening credits, the rules (pictured above), and the whole girlfriend turning into a zombie thing. Highly advise!

#2 Fright Night

Now this is a case where I actually preferred the remake over the original (and trust me, this only happens on very rare occasions). Don't get me wrong, the original Fright Night is a great movie, and I only liked it a fraction less than the remake. Saying this - I did see the remake first (sorry). It's a vampire movie (yay) and it's not dark and depressing like a lot of vampire movies are. Just like the original, a lot of humor has been added, and the use of cgi has actually improved upon the practical effects of the original by quite a stretch (also something you would never usually hear me say). Highly suggest both movies for a vampire fan, as they stick to the classic 'vampire rules!'

#1 - Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Definitely in my top 3 movies of all time, I just love it. They've taken the cliche of the hillbilly type killing teens in a forest, and switched it so that the teens are actually killing themselves in the most ridiculous ways to escape from the perceived danger (running onto tree branches, jumping into a wood chipper etc), all the while their friends think it's Tucker and Dale who have been killing them. This movie had me crying with laughter (although I don't know if it would have the same effect on someone who doesn't like horror movies?), it's over the top gory, it's original, and it's awesome. I highly advise this one. Oh, and an added bonus - a sequel is in the works!

Honorable mentions include Dark Shadows, Trick R Treat, Dead Snow, Evil Dead trilogy, Brain Dead, Bad Taste, Jennifer's Body, Gremlins and Critters.

Do you agree with me? What's YOUR favorite horror comedy?

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