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Note : I don't know much about suicide squad. only a little that i saw on arrow. But shouldn't the movie explain the suicide squad if the person doesn't know it? Here the movie presumes that the person be aware of it. For eg. The Dark Knight doesn't presume you know anything about batman before you watch it. Since I know nothing much about the characters and their histories I didn't care for any of them. Also I am not a professional critic/writer on this site, I am just a fan/nerd. If you liked this film I am envious of you.

Synopsis: Amanda Waller forms the Suicide Squad where their mission is to break into Arkham Asylum and recover top secret information from Riddler. Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn ends up freeing Joker who makes plans to blow up Arkham Asylum and Gotham City causing Batman to spring into action.

Believe me the synopsis makes the plot sound much more interesting than it really is!

There are speculations that Bruce Timm is returning to helm DCAU and I hope to God that is true! The last film Timm made was the spectacular "The Dark Knight Returns". After that a new team took over and the results have been a mixed bag so far. Flashpoint Paradox was masterful but Justice League: War and Son of Batman were painfully mediocre. However the newest entry makes the last two look like The Dark Knight of animations.

I am not going to bash the animation team for this because they did the best they could with the material they had. But since the last two movies they have been adapting mediocre comic book story-lines and the end result shows. Without further diversion, let me just jump to the review


1. Kevin Conroy is back as the voice of Batman and the world feels right again.

2. Animation work is great, character designs are sharp and well realized. Action sequences are exciting as well.

3. Deadshot is a cool character. He was smart, methodical and overall a fresh departure from the normally crazy, lunatic Batman nemesis.

4. First twenty minutes reminded me of Ocean's 11 and there was a cool jab at the godawful 'Batman and Robin'

Lets get back to the meat of the review now


1. While the premise is interesting, the core plot is the most generic one that you could ever think of. Joker wants to blow up the city with an explosive .... again. I don't remember the details perfectly, because although I have seen the movie just a few hours ago the story is so damn forgettable. Also Batman is a supporting character here, the story is all about the suicide squad.

2. I don't give a sh** about any of the characters. Note these Suicide squad members (who are the protagonists) are awful, sociopathic criminals who murder innocent people for just their own benefit. While the action sequences are cool, the fact that I don't like any of these characters makes the spectacle hollow and devoid of any dramatic tension. I am not rooting for anybody here and also the script isn't smart enough to make it a thought provoking satire in vein of [The Wolf of Wall Street](movie:16412) or American Psycho

3. Too many characters with none or thinly sketched motivations and almost zero depth. This is Spider-man 3 x 1000. Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Suicide Squad , bane, Poison Ivy, Batman all show up for the sake of it and there are confusing, unresolved plot points. And no one has a character arc here

4. There is nothing to take away from this film, it is so devoid of any substance. No memorable lines of dialogue, no action scenes that blow your mind away, no emotional moments Nothing! Heck Joker and Batman have no memorable banter here. In fact Joker was boring. Imagine JOKER WAS BORING HERE!


This proves once again that video game based adaptations do not end up well. The movie is devoid of any substance with unlikable hollow characters, jokes that don't land, plot that is generic and action scenes without tension. It looks cool, there are some good action sequences and Kevin Conroy is back. That's about it!. I don't think this is worth buying at all. Also there is some unnecessary disturbing violence and nudity making it inappropriate for children as well.This is huge fall from the usually high standards of the impeccable DCAU movies. I would rate it a 4/10.

Anyways I am curious to know what you guys think. Did you see it ? What did you think about it? Put in your thoughts down below


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