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You would have never expected a theory like this before, now would you?

Well, there's a reason why.

There are some people out there, including myself, that actually found the Robin Williams remake of Flubber enjoyable, and at times wanting more out of it than what we already got. Well, although this theory in itself is somewhat dark and PROBABLY the last thing on anyone's mind, I've always wondered: What happened after the movie ended (Besides the obvious in the final scene)? And what I thought up (And also found within the movie itself) might shock you.

Or just plain annoy you. Whatever comes first.

But enough of me rambling. Let's get onto the theory!

If you're reading this and never heard of or don't fully remember the plot of Flubber, you check the link below:

To start things off right, do you recall this happy couple in the movie?

Philip (Right) and Sara (Left) Brainard
Philip (Right) and Sara (Left) Brainard

This is in the final scene of the movie, where the two's honeymoon to Hawaii has already begun. They seem so happy, right?

Well, things take a turn for the worst soon enough.

Now, let's turn back the clock for a moment. Does anyone remember in the beginning of the movie when someone throws a newspaper on Brainard's front lawn? You know, the one with the cover story about Medfield College is at risk? Well, keep that in mind. That will be referred to later (Along with the similar scene in the end of the movie showing Philip has saved the college thanks to Flubber).

Now do you remember the old man and his kid in this pic?

Chester (Left) and Bennett (Right) Hoenicker
Chester (Left) and Bennett (Right) Hoenicker

Well, then, how about this guy?

Wilson Croft
Wilson Croft

Um, yeah, we're gonna be twisting things around with these two in particular.

Now you're probably asking, "What is the theory? Get on with it already!"

Here's the theory in a nutshell: Philip and Sara are found guilty of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, 20 years after the fact. As a result, the original Flubber is confiscated by federal authorities, never to be seen again. As a result, all signs of Flubber within Medfield College is removed completely, leading to the eventual closing of the College without a good enough energy source to keep dishing out money and keeping the college alive.

I know, a lot to swallow, so let's break this down. There are 3 parts to this theory:

  • Committing the crimes
  • Being convicted of said crimes years later
  • The sentence

Committing the Crime

"Wait! How are Philip and Sara capable of committing murder and manslaughter?"

I'm glad you asked. And the simplest answer is: the movie showed us.

Now what do I mean by this? If you recall near the end of the movie, Philip and Sara confront Hoenicker to get the Flubber back. And we also find out that Wilson was working with the man the whole time.

The "final battle" of the movie pretty much involves the multiple versions of Flubber made throughout the movie, including the Flubber itself.

Now, it very well says that the duo "defeated" Hoenicker and Wilson. But I beg to differ, especially with how Hoenicker was taken care of.

To be honest, that little moment when Sara throws the Flubber at him, that in itself reminds me of the first Rush Hour movie, when the big baddie of that movie falls to his death. But it isn't exactly the same. In fact, I can definitely say that at Hoenicker's age, crashing through a window could easily have knocked him unconscious and ended up drowning in the water of his fountain.

Now, Wilson takes the spot as the victim of involuntary manslaughter. But how? Death by Flubber, of course.

And I think you'd probably want to watch it for yourself. Explaining it would be too much information. Seriously, go watch the scene for yourself.

All I will say is that Wilson pretty much dies merely moments after the Flubber "leaves" his body, falling as a lifeless corpse. And what do Sara and Philip do? They WALK AWAY from the scene of the crime, as if nothing happened. Well, something happened, alright. Flubber has caused the death of two very powerful individuals, but has also saved the college by being a new energy source that can help keep the college make money in order to stay open.

And the case was never closed, at least during the movie, that is.

The Conviction

Now, remember the newspaper scenes in both the beginning and end of the movie? Well, the paperboy who threw those papers now plays a HUGE role in getting the convictions 20 years later.

That paperboy had actually heard about the death of Hoenicker and Wilson not that long after the movie ends. As such, 20 years later, he is now a lead detective in Philip Brainard's own hometown, taking on the cold case, making the connections of how closely timed the two's deaths were and when Brainard saves the college.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Brainard's had conceived a son on their honeymoon? Well, he's 19 now, and goes to Medfield. Not good.

And guess what? Once the pieces have been put together, the detective gets warrants for the Brainard's arrest. And much to the court's surprise on the day of their trial, they openly admitted to committing the crimes. But not before Hoenicker's son, Bennett, testifies as an eyewitness.

The Sentence

So pretty much, the married couple are both individually given life sentences equal to the number of felonies committed, which are 2. Remember: second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Both of those offenses can easily get you a life sentence depending on the case, among other variables.

So, what else came about?

The FBI took action not long after the trial. They were given any and all authority to confiscate and destroy every last bit of the Flubber, making it disappear altogether.

And guess what? Medfield College is pretty much filled with the stuff as an energy source. Once it was removed, Medfield was closed down soon after.

And that, my friends, is the entire theory.

I know I've dragged on for a while, so I'll just leave you guys with a poll:


Did you like this theory at all? If so, would you like to see more soon? If not, answer "No" and leave a comment on why.

Let me know what you think about this theory. I plan on making a movie connection theory soon enough.

Anyway, don't forget have a nice day. See you all soon.


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