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We never truly grow out of our favorite Disney movies, the mere opening note of theme songs can send us into a frenzy of childhood enthusiasm and whenever we see a blue ball gown we unconsciously scream 'Elsa'!

For those of us who are perceptually young at heart, but aren't quite eccentric enough to waltz around town wearing full Disney princess garb, BlackMilk has the answer!

This new collection of spectacular Disney inspired clothes is suitable (at most points...) for grown women, but sparkling with that youthful whimsy that day-to-day life could do with an injection of.

But, don't take it from me! Check out the winners... and solitary loser of the collection for yourself!

The Princess and the Pants

whether you fancy being the cutesy princess of the party or acidic villain of the bash, these technicolor dream leggings are a whole magical kingdom of joy.

The Metallic Mermaid

Unfortunately, this print isn't available in a bikini with matching purple shell top. Such a soul-destroying oversight!


Beauty and the Bust

You wouldn't want to wear this Notre Dame Beauty and the Beast inspired affair to church, but you'd certainly be the Belle of the bar!


Water Wonderland

Why paint the roses red when you can splash some Disney enchantment into the water?


All of these gloriously gleeful garments are more than welcome to adorn my body, but one item in the collection made my blood run cold. Presenting the worst swim suit for a grown adult I have ever seen...

Snow Shite

Would this swimsuit be cute for a 5-year-old, sure it would! Is it a good look for a grown woman? Oh hell no!

If I saw someone walk into a pool wearing this I would assume that she was absolutely batshit crazy and go through desperate lengths not to accidental lock eyes...

Either that, or I'd think I'd strayed onto some sort of bizarre porn set and leg it before the seven 'dwarves' arrived.

Cap sleeves are for mascots and children, let's keep it that way!


Would you wear any of this amazing Disney clothes?

(Source: BlackMilk)


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