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Check out the strangest 'what if' list going. These fake movie posters might take a little bit of outside-the-box thinking but bear with us, this is some weird and wonderful stuff.

Check them out:


Possible Plot

In a third-wall breaking, multifaceted story, Bruce Banner and Edward Norton attempt to find out why no one goes to see the standalone Hulk movies. With a series of, EdTV style scenes, Norton asks the public why they don't want to watch Hulk on the big screen.

Literally, anyone who says they won't go are met with the full force of the Hulk himself. As Norton transforms from Ed to Banner to Hulk, the cinema going public are threatened into going to the next movie by the Hulk.

The third Hulk movie becomes the most successful Marvel movie to date.


Billy we really need to talk... no... no... if you just.... not about the arsenal of guns you got in your bedroom; about your fuckin agent.

Possible Plot

After the cool box office numbers of Beverly Hills Cop 3, Judge Reinhold retreats to his Delaware home to reassess his career. With various 'straight-to-video' companies looking for his John Hancock on some kids movies, Reinhold moves into a perpetual state of digression. This is where John Cusack and Cameron Diaz literally enter his head.

Strange Spike Jonze things happen for about two hours.


Frosty hits Nixon with those hard to ask questions at the height of his impeachment. Why did he conduct the illegal wire taps? Why did he lie about his involvement? Only Frosty has the answers.


Possible Plot

Potentially one of Channing Tatum's lesser known roles where he was a Deer from the waist up, and, while in the war, sent letters to Amanda Seyfried.

The films allegorical standpoint addresses the big topics racism and preconceptions of appearance while in a War and Romantic back drop.

Really? No of course not!

It was a by-the-numbers romcom that tried to recreate the success of The Notebook called Dear John.


Possible Plot

Christmas Eve, one of the busiest flight gates at London's most busy airport; Rowan Atkinson finds a pair of sunglasses. While trying to give them back he decides to put them on and realises that Christmas is in fact a merchandising ploy and that most of the people are in fact aliens with human skin covering their faces. What follows is a man realising he is the only human left on earth at the loneliest time of the year. He goes in search of some human love.


Possible Plot

From the people that brought you Turner and Hooch. After suffering the loss of his shark, Tom Hanks goes in search of a new shark to fill the vast void.


Possible plot

From the makers of The Wiz comes Sherlock Homeboy. I think you get the idea.

What would you have liked to have seen most?


I'd have loved to have seen...

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