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We've heard loads of stuff about The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere - it's explosive, it's brutal, it might be too violent for cable network TV - but the latest news surrounding the episode might be the most exciting, and disturbing, yet.

According FX guru Greg Nicotero, the first six minutes of the premiere are so violent and shocking that the cast were not told what was going to happen, that way their reactions to the brutality would be genuine.

In fact, Nicotero likened the secrecy of the shoot to Ridley Scott's Alien and the scene where John Hurt's chest bursts open and the Alien emerged from within. The cast didn't know it was coming, which is now kinda obvious when you see the look of genuine shock and terror on their faces.

Said Nicotero:

I kind of stole a little of that [Alien scene]. Because I didn’t want these guys to know what was coming up, and it worked really well.

The chest burster scene in Alien is one of the most gruesome and iconic in cinematic history. If The Walking Dead premiere is anything like this, we'll be in for a seriously bloody experience.

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