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If you've ever wanted to see the tough side of Robert Pattinson, you're about to get lucky because director Harmony Korine has written a gangster movie just for him!

Korine who is best known for controversial cult classics such as 1995's Kids and the more recent [Spring Breakers](movie:386903) , told Esquire Magazine that he is penning a Miami-set gangster movie with Pattinson in mind.

Whereas I am overjoyed by this news, this can't compare to the elation of Pattinson himself.

The 28-year-old actor revealed that he had called Korine out of the blue to ask to work with him during his Cannes festival circuit promoting [The Rover](movie:395105), and now his dreams are coming to fruition.

Robert Pattinson is becoming as well known for his diverse movie portfolio as he is for his role as the sparking vampire Edward Cullen. When questioned about his unusual movie choices Pattinson explained;

I never went to acting school, so this is just me trying to get better. I've literally only done jobs which interest me

Who knows what sort of bizarre turns this Korine directed movie could take, but it's widely speculated that the Pattinson movie and the Southern Gothic crime family picture the director announced in 2013 will be one and the same.

All I know, is that Rob is a musician and if there could be a scene like this, it would officially make my life.

Take note, Harmony!


Are you excited about Robert Pattinson and Harmony Korine's Gangster flick?

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