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Salomé / Wilde Salomé were two movies completed a few years ago and played at the Venice Film Festival in 2011, but are only just gathering real pace.

The former is a more straightforward adaptation of the stage play by Oscar Wilde, while the latter is an account of the efforts to make said play.

Referred to by Al Pacino himself as his most personal project to date, the documentary Wilde Salomé invites audiences into Pacino's öofe as he explores the complexities of Oscar Wilde's play, Salomé.

Jessica Chastain stars and, interestingly, her performance predates Zero Dark Thirty and The Tree Of Life, though it was apparently this play that brought her to the attention of a certain Terrence Malick.

Check out the trailer for Wilde Salomé, along with these images, and see what you think:

Al Pacino is the most captivating actor of our generation and, man, look at his passion for Oscar Wilde and his work! So effervescent and profound! This looks fantastic.


Does Al Pacino's Salome look like something you'd like to watch?

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