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Fifty Shades of Grey fanatics can have a crack at being the steely Christian Grey's intern online, but the sweet sting of his whip is not included.

In a huge publicity push for the upcoming sado-masochistic smash hit of 2015, Universal Studios has launched the Grey Enterprises website and invited eager beavers a chance to wow the big boss with their secretarial skills.

Users can register to complete assignments and move along in their "careers", but what are the rewards if you don't get to be tied up and spanked by a control freak in a suit?

For diligently completing your duties such as identifying Mr. Grey's helicopter and proof reading his scribbles, users will be awarded with some mildly arousing movie images to titillate the senses. You shouldn't have, boss!

To apply for the [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) 'internship program' click here


Will you be playing the Grey Enterprises intern game?

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