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Jerome Maida

Though14-year-old Tang Soo Do practitioner Sela Simko had to miss out on being part of "The Martial Arts Kid" due to a scheduling conflict, she received the highest praise imaginable from one of the film's headliners, the legendary Cynthia Rothrock.

Rothrock, almost universally regarded as the greatest martial arts/action heroine ever, had this to say about Simko - who hails from the small town of Pittston, PA.

"Sela, she's like a mini-me", Rothrock says laughing. "She's like the martial arts daughter I thought I would have."

"Since my daughter, Skylar, doesn't really want to do martial arts and she just wants to dance, she's kind of my adopted martial arts daughter", Rothrock continues.

"I think she's phenomenal", Rothrock says of Simko. "She has the drive of a champion and i just wish I could work with her all the time."

Rothrock does instruct Simko when the action star flies from California to her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. She's also quick to add that Grandmaster Eric Kovaleski, who instructs Simko on a regular basis, is "amazing too."

But Rothrock still wished she had more opportunities to train Simko.

"I just see her as a little mini-me, you know?..It's funny", Rothrock concludes, laughing. "She really is like the martial arts daughter I thought I would have had."


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