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There have been a couple of documentaries made recently about movies that didn't get made. [Jodorowsky's Dune](movie:1206741) and the upcoming [The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?](movie:2137602) Just goes to show you a lot of money doesn't always get things done. It takes more than that.

I love watching behind the scenes/ making of movies. I devour DVD extras and documentaries, especially of horror movies. Like I said, it takes a lot more than just money to make a movie and that's why I love watching these things. Here are some of my favorites.

Oh The Horror.

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse

I know but it does show the horrors of war. This doc also shows some of the major struggles it takes to present those horrors and how it can become a war.

Making The Shining

Just one of Kubrick's masterpieces. This is a documentary made by Kubrick's daughter.

Full Tilt Boogie

The story of making Robert Rodriguez's classic vampire film From Dusk til Dawn.

Of course these are docs about established Directors with multi-million dollar budgets and scores of people to handle every little hiccup. With movies that went on to make millions. What's it like for the little guy (or gal) that is like the hopeful lottery player with just a dollar and a dream. After all the odds of winning the lottery are about one in fifteen million. So it is for making movies too. For every Blair Witch Project there are thousands of people who are trying to make movies without star power, money, equipment, or experience. You can't help but admire these people. They have the dream and go for it despite the overwhelming odds they face. Sometimes you just have to have that idealism, that spirit as if you were 12 years old and believed you could do anything. Like this plucky young lady.

Zombie Girl

It took Emily Hagin two years to make her first feature length horror film Pathogen (I didn't even know that word when I was 12) but she did it. This film chronicles the setbacks and growth as a director she went through on the way.

American Movie

The story of the making of Coven, an independent horror film directed by Mark Borchardt with help from his best friend Mike Schank. This film is a cult classic. Worth watching just for learning the proper pronunciation of the word Coven if not anything else.

The New Blood

Currently playing on Snag Films this 2012 documentary has a special place in my heart because it's about some hometown boys here in Rochester, NY and why not this is the birthplace of "the great yellow father" (Eastman Kodak)

Some other documentaries I would suggest are Document of the Dead (Dawn of the Dead) and The Birth of the Living Dead (Night of the Living Dead).There are lots of other documentaries about the making of horror. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. If you're planning on making your own horror movie, I would suggest watching as many as you can. Not to scare you but to prepare you for the nightmares that might intrude on your dreams.


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