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So we all know that right now MARVEL is kicking DC's butt in terms of movies. The Cinematic Universe if you will. I endlessly hear that no matter what DC does, MARVEL will always come out on top. I disagree. I believe that DC can be original, without stealing MARVEL's classic formula of solo films than a team up movie. I also think that if DC is going to do it the way I'm thinking, that they can save a whole lot of time in order to get up there with the Avengers and start being competitive with Marvel. Here's How

Building off of the Man Of Steel (which I know wasn't everybody's cup of tea) Universe, We now know that Batman will enter the picture. So picture this...

Superman and Batman will start off as foes. They'll probably have a few battles. But eventually they will have to come together to combat the forces of Evil. They will end as Allies. Now since Batman will already be established in this world they're creating, We can assume that all of the other DC heavy hitters (Wonder Woman, Flash Etc.) will have been around some time longer than Superman as well. So all they have to do is have Batman introduce the other members of the later to be Justice League to Superman. We'll be meeting everyone for the first time in this Universe just like the Man of Steel will. The cameos if you will from each DC character don't have to be long and drawn out. Only enough time for us to know that they're there and that Superman knows that as well. With this plan Superman would still be the head of the movie, Batman will have a crucial part in setting up the JLA just like in the comics along side Superman. From there whatever Warner Brothers and Detective Comics want to do will work. Make a Justice League movie. Okay all the characters are already established. Or make solo films. Okay we can get to know that character better. It all works. DC can avoid taking years to create a Cinematic Universe with their Hero's by doing it this way. Catching up to Marvel. But there's also a few other thing that will give DC and WB and edge over Marvel Studios.

They own all of the characters. Unlike Marvel who sold off Spider-Man and X-Men to Sony and Fox, All of the DC characters are still owned by DC. They have all of their characters to pull from. Superman and Batman are also the most well know Superhero's. They are the ones that started it all. (DC started before Marvel Comics.) Everybody is going to see this movie. Love it or hate everyone will see it at least once. Now "The Dark Knight Trilogy" alone has beat "The Avengers", So imagine Batman and Superman on the big screen together. Not to mention that Marvel has been around a while and we all know what to expect from them. DC will be fresh and something new.

Thoughts? Do you think DC will ever be able to beat MARVEL?


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