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Okay, not really all that surprising, considering Godzilla has pretty much passed $500-Million at the Worldwide Box Office. Still, one of the highlights from the Legendary panel at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend was the announcement of a sequel to Gareth Edwards' monster hit!

Via a video message, director Gareth Edwards confirmed that he would be returning to direct the upcoming sequel, as soon as he was done with his current standalone Star Wars film, which he snagged shortly after Godzilla's rather impressive $196-Million Worldwide debut weekend back in May.

Following this, Legendary CEO Thomas Tull played a clip from the Monarch Agency that hinted at three possible monsters that could appear in the sequel - Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah.

No indication was made as to when the sequel is expected to hit theaters, but we're hazarding a guess here and guessing some time in 2017.

How excited are you guys for a Godzilla sequel?

We must admit, while we were hoping something related to Jurassic World would be revealed during the Legendary panel, this is equally as good, in our opinion! Godzilla was a great flick, the real definition of a summer blockbuster.

So, how could a sequel possibly be a bad thing?

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