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Brooklyn-based yoga practitioner, writer/editor and self-educated film buff.
Michael Laskaris

Let’s see: Westerners in yellowface playing Siamese (Thai) people; ostentatious usage of Anjali mudra, prostrations, and crashing gongs; kirtan that sounds more like American Indian vocals; ’Asian’ accents that sound Italian; colonization viewed in a positive light…hmmm, I smell some RACISM. That being said, Yul Brenner is devastatingly handsome, Deborah Kerr is lovely, and Jerome Robbins’ kathakali-inspired choreography is fun (if not slightly misinformed). This severely dated time capsule transports us to a Technicolor dreamland that only 50s Hollywood could produce (oy VEY). It’s not PC and it’s totally ridiculous…but some of those songs are so good…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…


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