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Mortal Kombat is one of the greatest video game franchises and also one of my personal favorites as well. And now, as you all probably already know, they are creating another for a 2015 release. (A lot seems to be happening in 2015 doesn't it?)

And naturally because of its very violent game-play and inclusion of Freddy Krueger in the last game, everyone is asking 'which horror icon will be next?'

The first on the list:


Even though he isn't a ''horror'' Icon, he's still an icon... maybe a ''Syfy'' Icon? Anyways, he would fit perfectly into the game. He has the skills for it. Fighting wise, and definitely weapons wise. So maybe they'll give him a shot? Who knows?

The Next is the Evil Dead's very own:


Another very good option in my opinion. He has the weapons for such, and understands evil more than others. Maybe he could use this against the likes of Scorpion or Shang Tsung ? I guess we'll see!

Now for another great pick in my opinion.


He's a natural pick for a game like this. He has powers on a level higher than even some of the most powerful characters in the game. With his hellish abilities he would put up a great fight against most Mortal Kombat characters. A great choice indeed.

Now as you all know, the opposite of right is wrong, of life is death, of fire is water, and of Freddy is:


My point is, since we've already gotten Freddy in Mortal Kombat 9, I think most would agree it's only right for them to include Jason somewhere down the line.

And I also think the creators of the game (Ed Boon) know that as well. To add on to his possibility of being in the game, I remember he was considered for a part in the last Mortal Kombat along with Michael Myers. But Freddy was ultimately chosen. So maybe this is his chance? Like everyone knows, he has the strength, and invulnerability. He might not be the fastest, but one punch and he could end the match. And that also leads me to my next and last possible guest character.

You guessed it...

Michael Myers!

Along with Jason, Michael Myers was already previously considered for a part in the last Mortal Kombat game. He might not always have the speed, but like Jason he definitely has the strength, the smarts, plus he's sneaky, and very brutal. I think this could work out well if included, just like the others. And so far, believe it or not, Michael Myers is actually the closest to being in the game, judging from this tweet from the original creator of the game, Ed boon.

So it looks like Michael Myers may very well be in the game.

Also since most of the characters on this list have plenty of projects coming up from movies (Michael, Jason, Pinhead) to television shows (Jason, Ash), to box sets (Michael Myers), to even an appearance at Halloween Horror Nights (Michael Myers), I think a video game only gives us more to look forward to from these movie monsters.


Which Do YOU Want In The Game?


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