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Pixar began the whole 'CGI movie' thing in the first place, then Dreamworks did it, then a lot of other companies did it, and then Walt Disney Animation Studios said screw it, we're gonna make CGI films, (excusing The Princess And The Frog), then spanned the likes of Frozen, Meet The Robinsons, Wreck it Raplh and Tangled. Also Disney created a spin-off of Pixar's own, Cars and gave the licence to DisneyToons to make a movie about Planes, (which wasn't that good anyway), which made Dusty Crophopper DisneyToons' main guy, you may know DisneyToons as the witches lair at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where you know, the big studio gives them masterpieces like Alladin, Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King, Tarzan, Cinderella - the list goes on. Walt Disney Animation Studios, (the lazy-asses they are for sequels), just don't give a crap about continuing franchises. After that, what doesn't surprise me is that Planes 2 is a mere two days away! That's not even a year distance between the two, I wonder how much effort was put into that one, eh? On iMDB the rating was 5.5/10! I know I shouldn't use that as an example as it is user rated but still! 5.5/10!

Walt Disney Animation Studios have now created the most popular fully CGI film ever, and it's named... Frozen.

Frozen indeed has became the most popular fully CGI film ever with Toy Story right behind it. Frozen was one of the biggest movies of last year and I can still hear people on the streets singing Let It Go!

So what has bothered me is the thought of Walt Disney Animation Studios taking over Pixar as one of the lead CGI movie companies!

Pixar is has created the likes of The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and Toy Story (of course), which are all 'incredible' movies (see what I did there?). Pixar are also known for their absolutely amazing short films before the films at cinemas, including Red's Dream, Geri's Game and Luxo Jr.

Walt Disney Animation Studios on the other hand has created the likes of Wreck It Ralph, Meet a The Robinsons and Frozen (of course), they currently do not have any short films.

The movies that Walt Disney Animation Studios have made in the past five years have actually did as well as Pixar's films, and sometimes better (*cough cough* Frozen *cough cough*)

So my ultimate question is, with this information and what we have seen from Disney, will they take over Pixar?

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Will Disney Take Over Pixar?


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